Provably fair technology

Have you ever thought about fairness of online casinos that are featured on our website? You know, there are hundreds if not thousands online casinos that do not have any license or proof of fairness. Licensed and trustworthy online gambling brands, for instance, use ‘provably fair’ technology that uses encryption and different patented techniques to give players in Ghana total control over the results (outcomes) of any game without making the casino games vulnerable to any sort of cheating. Right now there are only a small portion of online casinos (mostly are BTC- or cryptocasinos).

Players are welcome to read and understand the system and how it works so they can avoid unreliable websites that claim to be ‘provably fair’. In a provably fair online gambling website every spin is the outcome of a server seed from the casino and a client seed based on what a customer (player) selects. Provably fair casinos give their customers the ability to type in their own hash to generate random seeds. When the customer clicks on “Play” or “Spin” button, server and client seeds are combined via Random Number Generator to determine the final result of the game features, presenting the final outcome (end of the game). The original server hash must be shown at the end of the spin to the player so that they can verify the result for themselves. Unfair casinos will cheat on this step, and it can be easily checked if a casino is interfering in the process of Random number generation.

Cheating can be done using the following techniques:

  • Not displaying the casino seed. Doing so they can generate the result that is favourable for them
  • Server-generated hashed seeds. Players are cheated by the casino in the way that they have an illusion of control, which is not true.
  • Replacing the seed after the game begins

These are the most common methods of cheating done by the unreputable casinos. If you are uncertain which casino is trust worthy and has a ‘provably fair’ feature, look no further than our homepage where you will find only reputable and trustworthy casinos tailored after the needs of players in Ghana!

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