What is RTP – Return To Player?

Even if you never played at online casino before, you have probably heard about RTP which stands for “Return to Player” and is measured in percents (usually between 94-98%). When gambling at online casino, there is always a risk of losing real money. But how do we find out the exactly what is the risk of losing at an online casino? To help players online casino regulators have introduced a new feature called RTP which is in fact a profit distribution system for slot machines. All slot machines use a certain RTP to make them profitable for a particular casino.

The theoretical Return to Player rate differs from slot to slot and serves to measure the chance of winning at a particular slot machine. Some games have higher RTP, while others lower, but the vast majority of games have a RTP rate of 95 to 98%. In other words, you get 95-98 dollars per bet of $100. Sounds awkward but the truth is that you can compare RTPs on different slots and use statistical data to figure out the chance of winning. We at CasinoGHs.com recommend that you check the current RTP on slot machines before you start gambling for real money.

What is RTP in a nutshell?

RTP stands for the Refund Rate or Return to Player and sets a value that all slot machines have on the Internet. It shows how much money you can win on your bet in the form of real money. RTP does not show the chance of winning a particular bet, rather it’s just math and statistics about how much real money you get back in terms of earnings during your play session.

All slot machines and other casino games are developed for the online casino’s advantage. Therefore, RTP is not that important when looking for a new game to place bets at. It is also impossible to predict the exact sum you win. However, slots with very low RTP should be avoided if you do not want to lose too much money.

What does RTP mean in practical terms?

For example, if we look at a slot that has an RTP of 100%, this means that winning chances are as big as the chance of losing a bet. If RTP is 100% or even higher (which is impossible in reality) then you will basically win every single bet.

It is very easy to set up an exact RTP in regular slot machines or other games where players do not even need any skills or a strategy. It is easy to set up slot’s RTP so that it pays out an exact share of all bets.

You can theoretically have high winning chances, but if you do not have a proper strategy, your RTP rate will eventually drop. There are also slot machines that have several different features and the way you exploit them can have an impact on your winning chances.

The example on how RTP works

Let’s take a closer look onto the classic Jackpot 6000 slot machine. If you choose to play between 1 and 4 of the available bet lines in the game, you will get an RTP rate between 75% and 79%. If you play on all five lines and also play supermeter, your RTP will rise to almost 99%.

Playing in supermeters mode is considered to be a game for skilled gamblers where one can have an impact on the outcome. The game also has the so-called ‘game feature’ which can change the RTP due to its nature.

Using a random number generator to ensure fair outcomes of all casino games is something that all European casinos must do. It is imperative for the casinos licensed in the European Union that they provide players with the information about the current RTP on their slots. Ghana is no exception. All online casinos that are featured on CasinoGHs.com use licensed and secure RNGs and provide players with the information on RTP rates.

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