Online Casinos with Ghanaian Cedi Currency

It’s no surprise that Ghanaian cedi is the one and only official currency of Ghana, no other country in the world use it for transactions. Ghanaian Cedi is codified in GHS while the symbol is ₵. Though gambling online in Ghana is allowed and hundreds of online casinos are targeting Ghana, only a few of them really accept payments in cedis.

If you choose to play on our carefully reviewed online casinos that accept Ghanaian Cedi then you will not experience any problem betting and wagering using Cedis. Below you will find most popular online casinos with Ghanaian Cedi Currency!

Best Online Casinos with Ghanaian Cedi

Players in Ghana are allowed to deposit funds in Ghanaian Cedi at the casinos that you can find below. Most online casinos that accept players in Ghana allow to deposit funds in US Dollars or Euros, but this is not the case with the brands featured below.

Casinos that allow us to play with Ghanaian Cedi are on the top of the list and attract most attention. That being said, only most reliable and professional online casinos that strictly follow internationally acknowledged practices can accept payments in Ghanaian Cedi currency.

Ghanaian Cedi Casinos are growing in popularity

As you may have experienced yourself trying to find an online casino in Ghana with Cedi currency is that there are not that many of gambling websites that actually allow to place bets in our currency. We at have carefully checked all online casinos that operate on the Ghanaian market and currently operational and have found out that only five (5) online casinos accept Ghanaian cedi as the primary methods of deposit and withdrawals. Why are there so few gambling websites with Cedis?

Ghanaian Cedi Casinos

Ghanaian Cedis

The answer to this question lies in the current value of Ghanaian Cedi. Our currency is not that influential on the international markets, and is considered as local small currency. Therefore, international gambling operators and game providers do not include GHS in their lists of accepted currencies.

New trend: casinos begin to accept Ghanaian Cedi

Moreover, our country can not boast of gambling-addicted population so our official currency is rarely accepted by serious online casinos. Despite the low popularity of Ghanaian Cedi on the international markets, the number of online casino establishments that allow to deposit funds in GHS is growing thanks to the overpopulation of online casinos on the Internet. With hundreds of new online casinos being launched every months it is no surprise a small portion of them is beginning to target smaller markets like Ghana.

There is also an evident trend of adding as many currencies as possible among top-rated online casino brands. Best online casinos implement new strategies in their desperate attempts to find new players by adding dozens of local currencies like Ghanaian Cedi. This all has led to a situation where a typical player in Ghana finally can make a comparison between multiple brands that accept GHS.

Some things worth checking before depositing with Cedi

It is important to think about what deposit and withdrawal methods you are going to use at online casino before clicking on the “Transfer” button. In the iGaming world everything is highly dependent on which payment methods one or another casino support. If you are not happy with a certain deposit or withdrawal method then the overall online casino experience may be spoiled.

Never forget about your privacy since some payment methods can easily share your personal information and the list of transaction to the authorities. It is crucial to make sure that all your personal data is stored safe. Is you choose wrong online casino or wrong payment method then your private data may be in danger.

All online casinos mentioned and reviewed above are serious online gambling websites that have a strong reputation among gamblers in Ghana. Cedi casinos ensure that players making bets in Ghanaian cedi currency are in a safe and secure environment.

How to make a deposit with Ghanaian Cedi

If you are looking for a top-notch online casino gambling experience, cutting edge video slot games from the world’s best providers and ability to deposit Ghanaian Cedis then we have you covered. There are so many options to make a deposit with Ghanaian Cedis and send money to a casino that we created a separate page where all popular Ghanaian Payment methods are reviewed and collected.

One of the most popular and easiest ways to deposit funds with Ghanaian Cedis is to use VISA or MasterCard bank cards to pay for the game. All you need to do is to enter a mobile app or online-banking website that is linked to your debit/credit card and fill in all required information about the recipient of the payment in Ghanaian cedis, After that it will take only several minutes until the transaction is complete. And no fees!

Another way to deposit using Ghanaian Cedis is to send money using an ATM machines. It takes several seconds to send money from ATM in Cedi Currency. There is a number of third-party companies like Skrill, Neteller or Ecopays that support payments in Ghanaian Cedis and charge no fees on transactions. It is very easy to make deposits with Cedis using online wallets: no need to remember the card details, no need to pay fees or wait until money are transferred to the bank account of an online casino. Just click on the application of a payment system and send cedis to your chosen online casino. Moreover, using online wallets is one of the most safe and reliable ways to make transactions while gambling on the Internet.

Withdrawals from Casinos with Ghanaian Cedis

The process of withdrawal funds in Ghanaian Cedis Currency is as simple as to make deposit. There are many withdrawal methods available online and many of them support Ghanaian Cedi Currency for transactions.

One of the most popular withdrawal methods when playing at online casino is a wire bank transfer. It is also one of the slowest withdrawal methods – a simple transaction may take up to three banking days to complete and you will be charged with a 10% fee on the transaction to the online casino as well. Like for the deposits, third-party payment systems such as online wallets can also be used for withdrawal of funds from online casino accounts. It is really hard to find a payment system that is supported by large international brands and at the same time allow to make withdrawals in Ghanaian Cedi Currency. If you are lucky enough to find it, you can enjoy the biggest benefit of using such system – no transaction fees. Cherry on the cake – it takes several minutes to complete!

Conclusion – Online casinos with Ghanaian Cedis

It is quite normal that we in Ghana prefer to use Ghanaian cedis which is our local currency. It is not only comfortable but also profitable since you are not going to lose money when exchanging them at the local bank. It is true that not many casino online allow us to make bets in Ghanaian cedis, make deposits using GHS and make withdrawals in cedis. However, there enough casinos online to choose from that allow us to play in our local currency – GHS. These trusted online gambling websites are trusted and recommended by Always contact us in case you are not happy with a particular online casino that allow to gamble with Ghanaian Cedi.

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